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How To Become an Instagram Influencer


Instagram has become the most popular photo sharing app on the planet. It gives users the opportunity to share photos of themselves and their lives with a potentially worldwide audience. It also offers individuals who post regularly and build a substantial following to become influencers.

An influencer can be described as anyone whose posts influence the decisions of people who follow them. For example, by wearing a piece of clothing in a photo, it may lead their followers to go out and buy a similar item. If they go to watch a certain film at the cinema, this may also lead their followers to want to watch the same film with their friends.

But how does someone become an influencer on Instagram? There is no single answer to this question, as each influencer has often built their following in different ways and by adopting different strategies. For example, some influencers have built a following solely because they have appeared on a television show or in a movie and so people who have seen the show or film want to follow them. Others have built a following based on the interesting or beautiful photos they have posted.

However, all those who have built up large followings on the platform do share some things in common. These include posting regular photos to keep people interested and often responding directly to the messages of people who are following them. This creates a personal connection between the influencer and those who are following them and increases the chances that they will encourage their friends to also follow them.

Other ways in which a large following can be built on Instagram are by focusing on a niche and attracting people who may be interested in receiving photographic updates in that area. For example, if you are a football fan and regularly go to matches you could document it on Instagram sharing photos from before and after the game as well as of the players and fans. You could also start following others in the hope that they will follow you back. You could also comment on their posts to encourage them to follow you.

Instagram is a hugely popular platform which has encouraged users to share photos to an extent which they would not have done previously. It has opened new opportunities for those who wish to promote their brand or themselves to the world.

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Oliver Helwig
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